All prospective Drivers are interviewed by our Fleet Recruitment Manager and stringent conditions are adhered to in order to maintain the appropriate calibre of staff. Under the new laws introduced by the Public Carriage Office all Drivers must now be independently registered with them and they must present that registration card before they are granted an interview.

Drivers are appraised on their knowledge of central London and the suburbs by means of a knowledge based test and topographical test.

Our recruitment procedure also involves a full check on references. The fleet management department will hold copies of Driving Licences which are checked with DVLA Swansea as well as regularly updating insurance renewal dates on the system.
Drivers and Vehicles are inspected both at the time of recruitment and at regular intervals thereafter to ensure compliance with our criteria.

Every driver must be dressed in a dark suit with company tie and identification badge clearly displayed on the breast pocket or around the neck on a chain.

We only recruit drivers who are well mannered, courteous and have the right attitude and a good knowledge of London.

Peace of mind for all concerned.

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